Cacao & Chocolate Products for Food Manufacturers & Wholesale


We produce an extensive range of vegan certified & Free-From chocolate & cacao products available for wholesale & food service.

Our single-origin chocolate and cacao products are available in a range of different products and you can choose from different cacao and sugar options.

All of our products are proudly made in New Zealand & we work with some of the leading vegan, healthy & premium food brands in New Zealand & Australia.

Solomons Gold chocolate & cacao products are:

  • Free-From dairy, gluten, nuts & soy
  • All-natural and made without additives, fillers, sweeteners and stabilisers
  • Brimming with superfood antioxidants - our cacao beans contain 8 times more antioxidants than spinach 
  • Vegan certified, naturally organic and Kosher certified, HACCP certified and produced in our allergen-free factory

Cacao Nibs:

Hand-selected and roasted to perfection.

Available in size 2 (3mm-6mm) & with a shelf life of 24 months

Tasting notes: This healthy treat has a delicious earthy & full chocolate taste. The distinctive chocolate flavour of Solomons Gold cacao nibs is generated from the perfect growing conditions and naturally-organic environment of the Solomon Islands.

Suggested uses:

Chocolate Buttons & Pieces:

Crushed organic chocolate pieces that range 1mm-10mm in size and with a shelf life of 12 & 18 months.

Available in the following formulations:

  • 100% cacao
  • 65% cacao + organic coconut sap sugar
  • 65% cacao + organic raw cane sugar
  • 50% cacao + organic coconut sugar
  • 50% cacao + organic raw cane sugar
  • Dark Mylk
  • We can also tailor make our chocolate products to meet your cacao and sweetness requirements.

Suggested uses: 


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