Soly's Vegan Chocolate Swirls 62% Cacao, 500g


Soly's swirls are the perfect golden chocolate nugget (pun intended) and can be enjoyed in so many ways! Whether you want to use them as a fun baking decoration or a healthy chocolate treat for kids lunchboxes they are the ideal snacking and decorating chocolate ingredient to have in your pantry. Our 62% Soly's Swirls are a medium dark chocolate that will appeal to little kids and big kids alike. They are also excellent for home bakers who require medium fluidity to handle a broad range of dessert and baking applications effortlessly.

We combine our artisan roasted cacao beans with organic raw cane sugar & organic cocoa butter to create our premium dark chocolate swirls which are rich in cocoa flavour and perfect for all dark chocolate applications and taste preferences. 

With a shelf life of 14 months.

  • Free-From Dairy, Gluten Nuts & Soy.
  • Certified Vegan & Kosher.
  • Naturally organic cacao beans - pesticide & herbicide free.
  • 62% Cacao. Single Origin - Solomon Islands.
  • All-natural and made without additives, fillers, sweeteners and stabilisers.
  • Brimming with superfood antioxidants.
  • High in fibre, protein, iron & magnesium.
  • Ethical cacao beans directly sourced from our growers.


Our cacao beans, organic raw cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower lecithin.


Per 100g  
Energy 2338kJ
Protein  8g
Fat  - Total 35g
        - Saturated 23g
Carbohydrates 54g
        - Sugars 38g
Sodium  10g
Gluten 0g

Good for

  • Free-From Dairy, Gluten, Nuts, & Soy.
  • Certified Vegan
  • Certified Kosher
  • Paleo Friendly

Suggested Uses

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